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Transform your life with the words of these women.

The 85 contributors to Dear Success Seeker come from all diverse walks of life. They differ in profession, age, ethnicity, and personality. Their inspiration and personal journey in Dear Success Seeker will renew your faith and inspire you to seek out your destiny.

Get to know the women of Dear Success Seeker -- Women in Entertainment, Politics, Academia, Medicine, Business, Law, and Religion -- and find out how individually and collectively they are special.

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Camille O Cosby Gayle King
Mary Aaron
Valerie B Ackerman
Vernell G Anderson
Verginiabell Atchison
Regina M Benjamin
Margaret Louise Betts, MD
Pastor Shirley Caesar
Mildred H Carter
Cherie Carter-Scott, PhD
Vanessa Castagna
Leeann Chin
Johnetta B Cole PhD
Rev Johnnie Colemon
Marva N Collins
Anna L Cooke
Joan Ganz Cooney
Barbara Jean Danner
Norma Jean Darden
Patty DeDominic
Ruby Dee
Capucine DeLaney
Loretta devine
Mimi Donaldson
Hazel N Dukes
Katherine Dunham
Sheila E
Marian Wright Edelman JD
M Joycelyn Elders MD
Myrlie Evers-Williams
Judith Berry Griffin
Jose-Marie Griffiths PhD
Espeeranza Guerrero-Anderson
Velma A Hamilton
Kathryn Harwig JD
Martha Hawkins
Dorothy I Height
Andrea Herenton
Betsy D Holden
Wilhelmina Holladay
Joan Holman
Theodora G Jackson
Janie Jasin
Carolle Jean-Murat MD
Mae C Jemison MD
Edith Irby Jones MD
Shirley Jones
Rev Barbara L King
Billie Jean King
Reatha Clark King PhD
CDeborah M Kolb PhD
Patti Labelle
Senator Mary L Landrieu
Brenda Laurel PhD
Wilma Mankiller
Patricia McGraw PhD
Joyce Meyer

Betty J Overton-Adkins PhD
Rosa Parks
Phylicia Rashad
Della Reese
Julienna L Richardson JD
Patricia Turner Robinson
Mona Lisa Saloy
Lauranne Sams PhD
Linda S Sanford
Patricia S Schroeder
Cindy Brinker Simmons
Pastor Diance C Smalley
Bobbie R Stevens PhD
Susan L Taylor
Lillie Armstrong Thomas
Gae Veit
Brenda Wade PhD
Faye Wattleton
Tene M Wells
Shirley A White
Frankie Berry Wise
Susan Ruth Witkowski
Robin Wolaner
Rose Wright
Rosalyn S Yalow MD
Sandra Yancey

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